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Yet Another Spyware Infestation - Can Someone Help W/ HJT Log?

How to delete bpa.nls ? What do I do? help me Someone please have a look (Moved by Murf) someone please help...so confused SOS...another Trojan please read my hijack log..i need help trojan dialer 17.BA Here it is Murf.... Right-click the processes and select Kill, or select them and press the Delete key. Source

One effective way to prevent spyware and adware from returning is to install an anti-spyware prevention program such as: SpywareBlaster SpywareGuard SpywareBlaster and SpywareGuard are excellent, free programs from JavaCool. Read Licenses & Privacy Policies Anti-spyware applications alone can't protect you entirely from unwanted spyware and adware. Rather, you should investigate and test a range of reputable anti-spyware programs to find the programs that are best suited to your own privacy and security needs. As I was downloading the no-cd patches for the various racing sims I own, I was suddenly and inexplicably deluged with popups, icons, and unwanted software installations.

why do i have spyware on my pc? The two most common sites for no-cd patches are MegaGames and GameCopyWorld. Any help would be friggin great!!!

laptop won't display who's "online now" on myspace www.tenmonkey.com keeps appearing! In the main program window hit the "Scan" button. log is posted Help with Spyware, possible Vungo Virus Not sure if I have a problem... Keep your system safe & secure with Windows Update To prevent unwanted spyware and adware from being installed behind your back, you need to install all

I got that sinking feeling: I had become the unfortunate victim of a spyware infestation. Save the report(copy and paste into notepad or wordpad and save as a .txt file) and post a copy back here when you are done with all the steps.Delete the following xp erratic behaviour(think due to virus infection) System Doctor Two problems I need help with.... SpywareBlaster "inoculates" your Internet Explorer browser against the installation of unwanted spyware and adware from the internet.

spyware removal wizard W?nSxS\r?ndll32.exe in HijackThis log System Integrity Scan Wizard Spyware Probems with antivirus programs I have a problem with constant popup Can't get rid of System integrity scan wizard Give your discussion topic/thread a distinctive title. This list of "recommended" products is based on extensive experience with the listed products and is not a list to which one can apply for admission. Advanced HIPS & Rootkit Protection In the past few years a new generation of anti-malware protection products has emerged.

But I figured I'd save myself that work, and just pop into a few specific web sites for a few quick downloads. And all three are free. In that case, you can install and run an alternative, non-IE browser such as: Mozilla Firefox Opera All three of these browsers are mature, robust, and fast. I left Task Manager running as I browsed to MegaGames, downloaded a no-cd patch, and...

Find me here: http://twitter.com/codinghorror Learn how to transform your software delivery strategy with API virtualization, in this eBook. [ad] Enjoy the blog? HJT log and help please? HijackThis! It's a difficult catch-22.

In the next window that opens, click the Stop button, then click on properties and under the General Tab, change the Startup Type to Disabled. I can't emphasize this enough: always browse with the latest patches for your preferred web browser. HELP!!! Back needing help too se.dll !!!

If you see anything that's suspect, delete it! Log Posted "Download.Trojan" Recurring adtomi! Virtumonde I hate this %&*#, Please Help Need help badly...

Intentionally choosing to browse the web with a three year old browser, as I did, is an incredibly dangerous thing to do.

Please check HJT log. or generating a log file, post your question in the "HijackThis Log" forum. Am I Clean? Winfixer on my New Laptop Already HELP ME!!!!!

I am running Windows XP Pro and am currently downloading SP2 which is supposed to have a lot more security features so hopefully that will help in the future. Best regards, SpywareWarrior.com Return to top This page is maintained by This page last updated: Aug. 5, 2006 Copyright 2004-2006 SpywareWarrior.com Cyber Tech Help Support Forums > Software > Your solution seems to have fixed my problem. Possible virus infection hijack this help Internet Ex. & Windows Ex.

Start a new discussion topic/thread in the "HijackThis Log" forum. Please check my HijackThis log and advise. Download it, run it, and start browsing through the list that appears: As you can see, there's a bunch of spyware, malware, adware, and god knows what else gunking up the Help!

If you encounter any problems running HijackThis!