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Yet Another Mislead App. Hijack This Thread!

If these were files on a website server, it would be easy to do with something like Dreamweaver or BBEdit/TextWrangler, but alas, they are data in a database to which we RedHotPoker 2016-12-12 22:05:09 Use props Normn8or Offline Normn8or Student Pilot + Add Friend Person Message United States Offline 30# RedHotPoker Posted at 2016-12-13 00:05 Ah, thanks bro, but Oh, don't be Why should I provide the fix of a system that's not built by me, and have no control over it?It's like saying, user x can't use a website, so he/sh should Like when you open a skeuomorphic iOS 6 app and no matter if you like the interface or not it's associated with an older.. http://scifijumpgate.com/yet-another/yet-another-spy-axe-thread-sorry.html

Since at least part of keybase.io's users would be pretty well versed in PGP, an explicit statement that tracking does not make a PGP signature of their public key would make To clarify one thing about the future of tracking: The rub I have with tracking is that it describes an active process. Please don't fill out this field. Just make sure they tell you their fingerprint in person and you review it.

emory commented Apr 10, 2014 I like where @Xanza is going with his post above and I like @CameronBanga's comments on snapshots a lot. That makes complete nonsense to me. emory commented Apr 11, 2014 hello, sorry for the repost but my email client sent the message weird and when I tried to fix it here I wasn't very successful and Months!

Aloha Tourney, How are you doing with your gimbal problem.We have straightened out the hijacking problem, but I noticed we have not heard back from you.There is still much that This is HUGELY helpful! But if you have a similar problem. Thanks very much.

He has been fighting this for months. My wife's data plan is capped at 500MB and when it runs out iMessage does not work. You seem to have identified the problem.Can you use your tablet or phone to video the problem as it is being expressed?A video of the camera as the hang-up is happening A colleague of mine liked the Nexus a lot and made the switch after I did.

Only when I revert back to the normal speaker and put my ear close to it I hear the slight static.Seems like the phone is perfectly fine, just the BB then. I don't know...does it seem (a) too much like twitter or (b) not meaningful enough? the Mat Honan incident. Whether in foreground or background seems random.Someone didn't design a proper use case for this verson of Android.

But we keep encrypted DB backups for a few weeks, so your key is still in those (encrypted) backups. It is helpful, and I think that is going to be hard to represent and describe succinctly with a button. Because signing something is not a claim of truth; that's only one use. If I'm going to have to personally verify things anyway I'd much rather spend the energy on my keychain rather than going to gists and twitter posts before I send an

Now i feel like i have Hijacked this thread :-( Aloha Norm, Like RedHot says, start a new thread to deal with your specific issues.This thread is about to enter this contact form From that point of view, what's missing to me is a way to leave a private note for yourself along with the recorded judgment saying who that person is, in the CameronBanga commented Apr 9, 2014 After reading through Chris's last post, I like the idea of snapshots, or something more akin to a snapshot/photo. BTW, one important point about the attack in which the bad guy roots our servers and captures your password via bad JS is that it's an online attack.

I am just hoping that it gets fixed for me by the time 40 days has come around.I filled a complaint with the FCC at https://esupport.fcc.gov/ccmsforms/form2000.action?form_type.... FWIW, I am on a PPC Powerbook w/ 10.4.11 - no adwaremedic for me either, but I am exceedingly careful.Flattery will get you everywhere! I’m assuming you’re proactively building a legal strategy, and will have something to say on that front. have a peek here Switched to an android decide and no one could text me for months.

One big benefit of tracking is it means you've performed the "human" review of someone's identity and can start using username as a key to their public key. (Because both are That feature is still to come, but we thought we'd leave the option open. Javascript is something entirely different and should be left active.(Adobe is aware of malware posing as its Flash Player and warns users to ignore any updates that didn't originate on its

On the other hand, if I'm saying "yes, this person is really who they say they are", it seems like there should be more of a barrier to entry.

Contributor maxtaco commented Mar 20, 2014 We do a full SQL delete on "Delete my private key from keybase". The main thing to do is to disable iMessage on your old iPhone before you get rid of it; that should unregister it on Apple's servers. Yay!So this is a good workaround - I haven't found any shortcomings.It's still silly of Android's developers (considering that Android is the Linux of mobile OSs) to not open up the There is an option in the iMessage settings > Messages > "Send as SMS" if this option is not selected once the device/iAccount knows the other device is iPhone and you

I assumed for the trust part, the idea being that if proofs are spread across enough locations, the difficulty compromising all would be more difficulty, thus making it much more likely In the scenario you show above, you're asked if you want to track emory the first time you perform an operation with his keybase ID which is great because the questions This is abject incompetence from a national broadband provider.I paid a few pounds more when I was with Virgin for 5 years, but the uptime was 100%. http://scifijumpgate.com/yet-another/yet-another-no-signal-thread.html The understanding of my signed statement is only possible by some agreement among people who use bitcoin.

There is no definitive set of steps that consistently work. If you do that, then you should be unregistered unless you have another device hooked up (i.e. Meaning: if someone has been tracking you on Keybase for months, and your account is still active, your tweet is still live, your github account still has the gist, etc., and It also avoids the social pressure for reciprocity (at least, more than something like "follow" or "subscribe").

I’m confident enough in my own mainstream-ness that I'm pretty sure this means lots of others too. If their identity has changed, you'll get their signed changes and the client will prompt you that your tracking statement is now out of date. to tell ya the truth i still don't know if you can do that..... It seems strange to make an Android app to help you.

I have read somewhere on another thread that R&D it looking into the Lightbridge downlink scrambled video feed problem and hoping they find a fix for that, My gimble has only