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It comes with a little tripod. And, because I haven't mentioned it for a few paragraphs, you do have to remember the Pocket DV2's price. The Pocket DV2's internal image-construction system did not like this. I've recompressed the above clip using DivX 4.11 (you'll need to download the DivX codec package to play it), which got it down to less than one sixth of its original this contact form

So half the memory was missing. So editing it should be really easy, right? It's placed so that you can't easily put your eye to it, and if you try, you just see a blur. You can probably think of some others. http://www.aiptek.de/index.php/de/support/downloads

Many of Aiptek's earlier cameras just beep at you sadly if you try to take a picture when it's darker than they like. Find out more or ✘ close this notification. Unfolded, it holds the Pocket DV2 quite securely.

Start capturing video and the screen rate drops back to the rate of the video clip, though. All content Copyright © Daniel Rutter 1998-2017. The Pocket DV2's lens is good, by toy-cam standards. It connects to a PC via USB and works as either a flash memory storage device (and, thus, as a CompactFlash card reader as well) or as a normal tethered webcam.

The great thing about a tiny-cam that accepts CompactFlash storage and can shoot long video clips is that you can experiment with it. The camera supports both PAL and NTSC video output, and when the AV cable's plugged in, it simply delivers all of its video and audio to the TV (or other analogue-video So, I say, get a memory card, and use it. http://aiptek.drivercan.com/driver/3438813/ Buy one!

The Pocket DV2 costs $AU253, delivered, from Aus PC Market (Australian shoppers who're sold on the idea already can click here to buy one). Fortunately, there's a way around this problem. On their page for the Pocket DV2, Aiptek say that it's got 128 megabits of memory (which is 16,000,000 bytes, which isn't quite 16 megabytes as most people know them). Apart from that issue, this thing's a beaut.

Found 2 files.Please select the driver to download. http://list.driverguide.com/list/company1262/ It runs from two AA batteries, and will run for quite a long time from rechargeables. If you use half-decent NiMH cells, though, you should be able to get about three solid hours of recording per charge, even if you leave the LCD backlight on all the The LCD washes out completely in bright light.

When there's not much detail in the scene, maximum resolution video clips encode to about 60 kilobytes per second; when there's lots of detail, it's more like 100k/s. http://scifijumpgate.com/aiptek-pocket/aiptek-pocket-dv-t300-driver.html A 400mm telephoto would make the hotel pretty much fill the whole image. Not a remarkable house, but one with dark bricks and light mortar. http://download.aiptek.de ProdukteMenü Projektoren MOVE Series Projektoren APEX Series Projektoren TOUCH Series Flicks Dashbon Zubehör Archiv Menü Kontakt Impressum AGB Datenschutz Garantiebestimmungen © 2017 by Aiptek International GmbH           

CyberLink's PowerDirector Pro 2.1 VE is a video editing application. This means it ought to take up a bit less than the 32 kilobits per second that four bits times 8000 samples per second suggests, since ADPCM is supposed to be That gets old, I think, faster than anything else in human history has ever gotten old. navigate here The little convex shiny bit below the lens that you can see in the above picture, by the way, is not just a decoration.

I like it a lot. It's called VirtualDub. It should be fine with less, um, challenged software.

But the fold-out system is still neat, and protects the screen from damage when it's closed.

The full 3072 by 2048 image from the D60 would be a gigantic file even after recompression, but for a quick resolution and sharpness comparison, here's the Pocket DV2's view of The Pocket DV2 attaches to its tripod with a standard thread connector, which means you can screw it onto any other regular video or photo tripod you like. Drivers FREE for Cameras Aiptek Home > cameras > Aiptek Aiptek Select ModelAiptek Action-HD 1080P Z5X5P Aiptek Action-HD GVS 1080P V5Z5S Aiptek Action-HD PRO 1080P Z5X5P Aiptek A-HD 720P V5V Aiptek It doesn't make you use awful patronising Leg-Up Program software.

Its dodgy image quality counts against it, but if you can tolerate the low-fi look, the Pocket DV2's long feature list and ease of use make it a big winner, for It's nothing for rechargeables, though; both NiMH and NiCd AAs laugh at draws of more than a whole amp (1000mA). Digital zoom doesn't count. http://scifijumpgate.com/aiptek-pocket/aiptek-pocket-dv-driver.html By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Apart from the fact that regular humans can afford them, baby-cams are also small and light and, generally, very easy to use. Click here to access Official Website Aiptek > Home englishHome germanDrivers englishDrivers german It's not just the low resolution and the chunky compression; it's not the low frame rate, either. Read the Pershing review to find out where the light and sound show's coming from.

AV mode The Pocket DV2 comes with an AV cable, with a stereo 1/8th inch plug on one end that you connect to the camera, and two RCA connectors on the Provided the batteries last that long, of course. The highest video clip resolution the Pocket DV2 can manage is 320 by 240, at nine frames per second. Alkalines can deliver considerably more current; they have to, when they're used in things like flashlights.

It's quite wide angle (about the equivalent of a 40mm lens on a 35mm film camera), and it has a manual focus ring, and can focus from infinity to about 40cm. It generally gives the strong impression that if Aiptek are paying more than $US5 per unit for the LCD panels, they're being robbed. Practically every proper integrated-lens digital camera has a zoom lens, and very useful they are too. So this thing is about a hundred Australian bucks cheaper than the cheapest of the "proper" digital cameras - like this one, for instance.

Click it for the 1280 pixel wide version. If you want to edit, you have to decompress and recompress frames, and you lose quality every time you do that. With the backlight off, one pair of plain old 1500mAh NiMH cells ought to last more than six hours. Wählen Sie dazu einfach Ihr Produkt aus der Produktliste aus.